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EMC has defined and set clear targets for the performance of its tasks by way of practicing responsibility and awareness as its long-term business model. This is closely linked with EMC’s comprehensive sustainability management to which all managers and staff are committed.

 The principles of the comprehensive sustainability management encompasses the three sectors ecology, social issues and economy.

sustainabilityEconomic sustainability involves making a sustained contribution to the well being of the Albanian society and ensures that all stakeholders to benefit from EMC’s activities.

 A sound financial basis is the fundamental requirement for the company’s viability in future. EMC aims at acquiring a best industrial practice reputation through recruiting and retaining only motivated and highly qualified ans experienced staff who competently master the relevant technologies and processes.

Further, EMC is obliged to contribute to the society through excellence in vocational and further training. Moreover, EMC is to set unprecedented standards for optimal, safe working conditions and progressive tariff agreements.



EMC is committed to uphold a range of ethical and moral principles.

Offers, quotations and cost estimates strictly pertain to client requirements.

Performance is based on time units per functional work element.

Only highly skilled and experienced supervisors and mechanics are permitted to effect maintenance and repair work. Work safety and the equipment’s safe functioning is of paramount importance.

The need for environmental protection will be highly respected.

Service agreements are detailed and comprehensive leaving no loopholes for ambiguities and doubts.

Invoices are correct and transparent

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The owners and managers of Engineering Maintenance Center (EMC) are highly qualified, competent and experienced professionals, mainly engineers, who have previously been working in leading positions as Heads of Departments or ... Read more


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