Pronaret dhe Menaxheret e EMC jane teper te kualifikuar, profesioniste kompetente dhe me eksperience, kryesisht inxhiniere, te cilet kane mbajtur me pare pozicione drejtuese kyce ne Autoritetin Portual Durres si Drejtues departamentesh ose Drejtore.

What we do

EMC has designed its services around one objective: Ensuring reliability for its clients

organigramaEMC is a company owned and managed by a group of highly qualified managers who are guiding competent and resourceful staff rendering best practice services in the fields of equipment sales, consultancy, engineering projects, repair and maintenance activities.

EMC is committed to working enthusiastically with its clients to achieve cost effective and sustainable solutions. EMC has defined and set clear targets for the performance of its duties by way of practicing responsibility and awareness as its long-term business model.

Our vision

Our vision is to gain a leading position in Albania in terms of quality, reliability, pricing and responsiveness to customer needs in the areas of sales, repair and maintenance of equipment used in the mining, construction, storage, logistics and goods handling and transportation sectors and in the provision of highly qualified consultancy services in all pertinent areas.

Our unique selling proposition

EMC is uniquely combining Western Europe industrial expertise, know-how and experience in equipment procurement, sales, tendering, commissioning, maintenance, repair including advanced and best practice workshop and stores planning, development and management with local and regional market requirements.

Our target market

Our target market are public and private organizations engaged in the fields of mining, construction, goods handling, storage, logistics and transportation in Albania and neighboring countries using heavy and light handling, lifting and transportation equipment and who are in need of cost effective, reliable and in-time maintenance and repair of their assets.

Our goals

To gradually but steadily expand and advance the scope, size and quality of our professional capacity by way of binding existing and by attracting new and additional clients through a high level of service performance and standards in our planning and routine activities.

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